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Archive for September 20th, 2009

Bad PUGs

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Note for non-gamers: A PUG, drugs or pick-up group, doctor is when you wind up playing an online game with a group of more or less random strangers, clinic rather than with people that you know.  Given how most online games are teamwork oriented, and given how most people on the Internet tend to behave, this frequently turns out to be a Very Bad Idea.

See also: Charlie Foxtrot, Leroy Jenkins, Azerothian Roulette, and “What the hell are the idiots doing?!”

Not to be confused with the small dogs that look like their face got smashed in with a shovel.

(Note from the Stephanie)

For your World of Warcraft fans:
I’m in a smallish guild on WOW.  We usually have enough for some 10-mans but outside of raid nights, we often don’t have enough people on to do things like Vaults or OS and have to join other groups or partner with another guild for 25 man content.  So the long and short of it is several of our members join PUGS for these things (that’s pick-up-groups for the non-WOW folks but also means someone who joins a pick-up group) or put out general calls for pugs to join us.  This list is based on the experiences of my fellow guild members and myself:

(Submitted by Stephanie)