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Archive for September 13th, 2009

Another IT List

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

I’m relatively certain that this one is not a repeat.

(Submitted by Maria Blackmore)

  1. Not allowed to submit Purchase Order requests for a kinetic kill orbital weapons platform.
  2. Or any other sort of weapons platform.
  3. Even if we have enough staff with sufficient expertise to build one.
  4. Or a bucket of sunshine.
  5. Not allowed to submit Purchase Order requests for a secret underground lair.
  6. Even if you already have the perfect site lined up.
  7. They’re expensive and we don’t have money allocated for it in the budget.
  8. Tanks are a weapons platform.
  9. So are field artillery.
  10. And rocket launchers.
  11. And submarines.
  12. And automatic weapons, in fact, not allowed to submit PO requests for any sorts of weapons at all. That includes explosives too.
  13. And cattle-prods, if intended for use as a weapon.
  14. Even Nerf weapons.
  15. Unless you pay for them yourself.
  16. (more…)