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Skippy’s List is primarily a humor site, which typically focuses on military, gamer and/or nerd/geek humor. Additionally, the site publishes lists of Things People Are Not Allowed to Do in other fields, ranging from Information Technology to the medical profession on over to kids in high school. The site has 8 guest writers in addition to material submitted by other individuals on a one-time basis.

To get a full picture of Skippy’s List traffic, you’ll want to compare the Google Analytics reports and the server stats report. This is because each gather’s information differently, so one is not necessarily a more accurate picture than another. For example, Google Analytics only collects traffic information from visitors with JavaScript enabled in their browser. Any visitor that has this disabled will not be counted in Google’s report.

View the 2009 Google Analytics Report (pdf)

View the 2010 Google Analytics Report through June 29, 2010 (pdf)

2009 Server Report
Server Report: 2009 Traffic by Month

2010 Server Report through June 29, 2010
Server Report: 2010 Traffic through June 29, 2010

The majority of site visitors, by a large margin, are from the United States. Following the U.S., ranked in order of most traffic, are: Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands. Traffic is not limited to these countries, as there is traffic arriving from countries worldwide, from China to Italy.

Visitors are both civilian and military. Soldiers from governments worldwide visit the site.

This site has a Google PageRank of 4 and an Alexa rating of 159,454 for traffic in the U.S. According to FeedBurner, we have 374 subscribers to the main feed.

Top referrers are StumbleUpon, Google, and Yahoo. Most arriving via search engine are using search terms directly related to the site, such as “skippy” and “skippy’s list”. Typing Skippy into Google typically returns the site on the first page of results. At the time of this writing, the site was the 6th item on the search results page.

The web page real estate currently available is the a banner at the top of the home page of Skippy’s List and at the top of the interior pages of Skippy’s List.

For details, contact Janice Schwarz at janice@geekartist.net.