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Archive for September 2nd, 2009

Lessons Learned

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

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I thought about this before I read a recent post of Skippy’s. Actually, I thought about something similar a while back (see the entry on boiling gasoline). This is an attempt to remember and pass on my own lessons learned the hard way.

  1. Dogs and people both die. Love them anyway and be nice to them when you can so you don’t regret it when they die.
  2. Always wear long pants. This is because white athletic socks can get snagged on barbed wire electric fences. This is bad because you can wind up face down trying not to get shocked. There are also briars out there; also, it’s gross when hogs sniff your bare legs.
  3. It’s better to put feed on the ground and lead a hog to where you need it to go than to get behind it and beat it with a stick. This may be applicable to people as well; said application is probably more complex.
  4. “Pick up leaves, children. Pick up leaves.” I’m going to generalize this saying to: we should be productive and not let valuable resources go to waste.
  5. (more…)