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Archive for November 11th, 2008

It’s Veteran’s Day!

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

And so I’m keeping my post light tonight, as I am spending the evening with Chinese takeout, the Left 4 Dead demo, and The Guild on DVD.

And so here are a bunch or random thoughts I never got around to using for any other posts.

  • Veteran’s Day should be a national holiday, but only for Veteran’s.  Everyone else has to work.  And bring us beer.  And naked women.
  • Most people on the internet would rather eat a live baby than read an opinion they disagree with, even when it’s just the set up to a joke.
  • If you are a morbidly obese black man, you should not go out in public wearing a red sweater over a white collared shirt.
  • If you are a morbidly obese black man and you do go out in public wearing a red sweater over a white collared shirt, you should probably have a better sense of humor about people singing the theme song to cartoons based off of Bill Cosby’s work.
  • A ferret can burrow completely through an unattended lemon meringue pie, cartoon style, in about 3 and a half seconds.
  • Last week David corrected me for incorrect use of the word “equestrian”.  Normally that sort of behavior annoys me, and would result in him being banned from my compound once the inevitable zombie uprising gets underway.  But his invention of Zombie Cowboy Boxing is awesome enough to make up for it.
  • I really want Zombie Cowboy Boxing to be a real sport.  I would be glued to the set while it was showing.  It would also make an awesome video game.  I’m picturing a rugby/polo hybrid, but with zombies.
  • I think all professional sports franchises could be improved with the inclusion of flesh eating zombies.
  • In fact, there aren’t many situations I can think of that are not improved by the inclusion of cannibalistic undead.   Reality TV shows.  Motorcycle races.  Cat Shows.  The Democratic National Convention.  The O’Reilly Factor.  Oprah.
  • Zombies are kind of like pasta: you can serve them with anything.