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Archive for November 5th, 2008

Stick a fork in it

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

By LT Ronald

After reading Michiel’s post saying goodbye to President Bush, I felt obliged to add a welcome to President Elect Obama.  It should be noted that views expressed here do not reflect those of Skippy.

This country is done.

I will watch now as the treasury grows fat with over taxation, and limited use of the military. I will watch my job deteriorate and will probably watch it get cut.

The masses will be happy, oh so happy, as more money flows into their pockets as I work to give them that money that our new president will surely pluck from my pockets, and my hard working family’s pockets and redistribute to the stupid, lazy, and unlucky. Say good bye to your stimulus checks! They are now going to the welfare recipients and illegal aliens.

At least with the undoubtedly Pro-Murder justices that will be named to the supreme court we hopefully wont have to worry about as many stupid/lazy fucks, because it will become legal in all states for everyone to shove a pair of scissors in the heads of partially born crack babies and vacuum their crack-baby brains out with a saw filled vacuum. Chances are that teenage pregnancies can also go down because parents of these teenagers won’t know that little Suzy went down and committed murder in order to fit properly in her prom dress because she couldn’t just take it up the ass like a good little whore.

I should just shoot myself in the head now, but what good will that do, I won’t be able to own a gun soon anyway, and even if I did die, under Obama I’d lose 50% or higher of my estate, which I’ve already been taxed on once by my benevolent government.

Soon Iran and Korea will have nuclear weapons, of course after our new president has made pinky-swear promises that they will stop trying to make them if we leave Iraq and Afghanistan, and stand idly by while they obliterate Israel. Maybe fuel prices will go down more that way. Now I feel better…. shit; can’t afford a car no more, they downsized the military and now I’m out of a job. Hmmmm, I wonder if Iran could use another ammunition expert. I’m sure that the Taliban does, with us not chasing down Osama any more business should be “BOOMING”. (couldn’t help myself) Stupid fucking outsourcing of jobs.

The American way used to be about working hard and earning a living. If you were extra hard working and maybe a little lucky you would do more than earn a living, but be able to pass on some extra to your family, and if they followed suit you could raise your family to a very affluent state. Unfortunately that way of living is past, and we find that socialism is on its way back in, and why not? Working hard and MAYBE getting lucky and becoming affluent wasn’t really fair to those who didn’t get lucky anyway, and was really unfair to those who didn’t work hard, if at all, in the first place.

Soon those injustices will be righted, and everyone will get lucky because even if they didn’t work hard or get lucky those who did will just give them the fruits of their labors, and we will all be happy.

God bless America. Our collective IQ has dropped to the point where we have voted in a socialist, terrorist, who subscribes to an anti-American religious leader as president. Freedom has finally given us the end of us. Time to just sit back and watch the end of the show.