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Who’s your Papa… Smurf?

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

So, while I was out of town for the weekend, my fiance decides to go on a little shopping spree. Going out of town sucks! She does go to Victoria Secret. Going out of town rocks! She buys new $20 sweatpants at Victoria Secret. Going out of town sucks!! The sweat pants are blue. She buys a white skirt (important later).

I come home, we go out to dinner. She goes to the ladies room. She comes out with a blue hand. She doesn’t know why. Later at dinner she decides to show me her new tan, by lifting up the leg of her sweatpants. Her leg is blue. I laugh… She laughs… I say “check please”. She looks confused.

Get her home. Tell her to put on new white skirt. She continues to look confused. (She is a long haired blond). Tell her to call me Papa Smurf. She laughs, and does so! It is on! Half-way done, novelty wearing off. Blue butt is cool in theory. Brilliance hits. Tell her to call me Gargamel. All the way done.

Am I sick?

I give my final rose to….. Corky!!!

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Was watching TV last night and caught about half an hour of The Bachelor. This show and shows like it are total crap. Who wants to see a bunch of good looking people enjoying all expense paid vacations and acting as dramatic as possible just to get 15 minutes of fame? Has anyone done a statistic of how many of those relationships actually last?

I want to see a reality dating show that actually is entertaining and enjoyable to watch. I want to see The Bachelorette: Special Ed edition. Now before you get down on me for making fun of retards, I think that if done with heartfelt good intentions that the show could be not only heartwarming and entertaining, but a way to put back into the nations’ minds that mentally retarded people can have relationships too.

But if Fox gets ahold of the idea forget about it. I could see it now…