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And All I Got Was Royalties on a This T-Shirt

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Michael Z Williamson has licensed Skippy’s List and is selling t-shirts on his retail site, Cloak & Dagger. So if you’ve ever wanted a piece of clothing that earns you instant respect with all members of the military, protects against weasel attacks, and effectively triples your sexual charisma simply by touching it*, then you need to go to his site right now and buy one. If you buy five, Michael will make a character based off of you in his next novel.**  If you buy ten, he’ll give your character a sex scene.***

*Claims expressed here as to the about the t-shirt’s powers have not ever been successfully tested.  Especially the sexual charisma part.

**Note: I did not run this idea past Mike in any way shape or form. He might, in fact, be really mad at me for this.

*** Ditto. It should be noted that you should probably not do this sort of thing to a writer who also has a knife and gun accessory store unless you are a professional smart ass and happen to live really far away from him.

Captain Taylor Trilogy

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

My old Army roommate wrote a bunch of books. I’ve graciously allowed him to plug his book on my site.


D This, D That.

Monday, May 9th, 2011

I’ve played Dungeons & Dragons (3.5) for a few years now. I’ve heard some great stories about happenings in Pencil & Paper RPGs (whatever version they may have occured in) from friends, strangers, and Skippy himself.

Regrettably, I only get to play about once a week. Granted, we have a 12 hour “play and hangout” session, but that’s because everyone’s work schedules (or, in my case, lack of a work schedule) all happen to link up nicely on Tuesday evening. That will probably not last forever, and then I’ll get even less D&D.

I’m going to try to keep this post as friendly and informative to people who have never been graced with the righteous feel of their very first d20 in their hands. (If you don’t know what “d20” means, don’t worry – I’ll get to it.)



Friday, April 29th, 2011

It’s official. I am going to be a published board and card game designer in the near future. More details to follow, but for now feast your eyes upon:



Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Michael Williamson asked me to courtesan this info on my site. For the record, that means the same thing as whoring it on my site, except it’s classier. Just one step below registered companioning it on my site.


Chip In To Help Iwaki, Japan

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Hi, fans of skippy’s list, I’m back from the dead. Rather appropriate for
someone who primarily wrote articles about zombie games, isn’t it?

While I am currently trying to figure out some new material to come up
with, I have a much more pressing concern to talk to you about. We’ve all
heard about the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that has slammed into
Japan and caused devastation throughout most of the country. I’m sure some
of you have donated money or goods to the Red Cross and other similar
organizations. I’m writing here today to get the word out on a smaller but
nevertheless important mission.

For the tl;dr folks, you can find out how to donate as well as
information on who’s going over there and how the money will be spent at the
following link:


Here’s the rundown. Danny Iverson is a good friend of mine and a pastor
who runs a youth mission in Newark, NJ. I am by no means a Christian, but I
nevertheless consider him a mentor and good friend. He has never pressured
me about my religion, and the time we’ve spent together has been filled with
wonderful and thought-provoking debates on theology and other matters.

Danny was raised in Japan as a Christian Missionary and has spent most of
his childhood and adolescence there. He’s fluent in Japanese, and his
parents still live there running the mission and living in the

After the earthquake hit, Danny knew he had to go help. While the U.S.
State Department is advising Americans that traveling to Japan is a really
bad idea here, he is going to help out his family and the community that
they’ve become a part of.

The Red Cross, the Japanese government, and other relief agencies are
doing all they can, but it’s always the smaller towns and villages that
receive supplies and help fast. On Monday, March 21st, Danny and three
others (all of whom speak Japanese to one degree or another; relief workers
who can speak both English and Japanese are sorely needed, as an aside) are
going to Iwaki, Japan – 30 miles south of the nuclear reactor that is
currently not in the best condition. He’s bringing water filters that can
run through 15 gallons a minute so they have clean water, as well as other
necessities. They are also bringing in donated telecommunications equipment
so they can stay in contact with the rest of the world from Iwaki.

They’ve set a goal of $10,000, and Danny has already put $3,500 in plane
tickets on his own credit card – something he really, really can’t afford
right now. (As his friend, I take comfort in the knowledge that he’s very
fiscally responsible and can handle that level of debt coming out of nowhere
if he had to.) Every dollar can help. I’m as broke as an infomercial cooking
appliance, but I’m trying to scrape together what money I can to chip

Again, you can read all of the details at the link I posted above. If you
can’t spare any financial help (or very little) and still want to do
something to help Danny get boots on the ground in Iwaki, then please pass
the above link around to your friends, family, and co-workers. I thank you
for your time.


Awesome New Book

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Many people who read this site may be familiar with a little Web Comic called Shadowgirls.  If you are not, please go ahead and take a look now.  I can wait.

It’s basically like if the Gilmore Girls were superheroes in an universe that was created by HP Lovecraft.  And the art is pretty darned good too.  It’s seriously worth checking out.

Well the nice people over at Shadowgirls are about to release a new hardcover book that has several years of the comic in it.  They currently have it on pre-order, and if you sign up now you can get it cheaper.

Also, the writer is a guy I used to work with, and he knows things.

Cooking With The Troops

Monday, December 13th, 2010

So recently it was brought to my attention that sometimes people in the military put up with food that is not particularly good.

And by recently I mean “years ago, about five minutes after I in-processed” and by occasionally I mean “without end”.

And everyone knows about hospital food. I think that “not very yummy” would be an excellent starting point for how to describe things.

Now I want everyone to take a minute to think about what happens when you combine these two horribly flavors.

I’m remember my first taste of hospital food in the military. I mainly remembered thinking I was pretty sure that this is what racism must taste like.

Well a whole bunch of good people over at Cooking With The Troops decided to do something about it. They provide better food for soldiers recovering in hospitals.

From their website:
Our mission is to provide aid, comfort, and support to U.S. and Allied troops and families by providing culinary change of pace events, assisting with career transition into the food and beverage industry for those wanting it, gathering and sharing knowledge with and for troops on the front lines and supporting same, and by providing care and support on the homefront.
So I think that this is a pretty decent cause, and if this is the sort of thing that appeals to you, go ahead and check them out.

Cooking With The Troops


Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

I had to take a day off from begging people to click on my zombie link for that contest, sale and I have been blown completely out of the top fifteen.

Please to be clicking the link again.


Coming Along Nicely

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

My own little Walking Dead apocalypse is coming along nicely.