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Awesome New Book

December 16th, 2010 by skippy

Many people who read this site may be familiar with a little Web Comic called Shadowgirls.  If you are not, please go ahead and take a look now.  I can wait.

It’s basically like if the Gilmore Girls were superheroes in an universe that was created by HP Lovecraft.  And the art is pretty darned good too.  It’s seriously worth checking out.

Well the nice people over at Shadowgirls are about to release a new hardcover book that has several years of the comic in it.  They currently have it on pre-order, and if you sign up now you can get it cheaper.

Also, the writer is a guy I used to work with, and he knows things.

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2 Responses to “Awesome New Book”

  1. shadowcat Says:

    I’ve been following Shadowgirls since its inception, and I have to agree that it’s worth reading. The Lovecraftian twist makes up for a storyline that would be comfortable on the CW, the art is pretty snazzy for a thrice-weekly, and the updates are pretty consistent.


  2. Laura Says:

    Gee, thanks. Now I’m hooked.


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