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Cooking With The Troops

December 13th, 2010 by skippy

So recently it was brought to my attention that sometimes people in the military put up with food that is not particularly good.

And by recently I mean “years ago, about five minutes after I in-processed” and by occasionally I mean “without end”.

And everyone knows about hospital food. I think that “not very yummy” would be an excellent starting point for how to describe things.

Now I want everyone to take a minute to think about what happens when you combine these two horribly flavors.

I’m remember my first taste of hospital food in the military. I mainly remembered thinking I was pretty sure that this is what racism must taste like.

Well a whole bunch of good people over at Cooking With The Troops decided to do something about it. They provide better food for soldiers recovering in hospitals.

From their website:
Our mission is to provide aid, comfort, and support to U.S. and Allied troops and families by providing culinary change of pace events, assisting with career transition into the food and beverage industry for those wanting it, gathering and sharing knowledge with and for troops on the front lines and supporting same, and by providing care and support on the homefront.
So I think that this is a pretty decent cause, and if this is the sort of thing that appeals to you, go ahead and check them out.

Cooking With The Troops

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4 Responses to “Cooking With The Troops”

  1. Merf Says:

    Captha: place unmentionable


  2. Mike Says:

    I was in the Air Force and we eat better than you ground pounders. I don’t think I ever had a bad AF meal in my 14 years of service. After all, we have dinning facilities, not chow halls. I was in the medical field and ate many meals in the hospital’s dinning facility and they were great. Even as a patient I ate well. I was stationed at Wilford Hall Medical center in San Antonio. It is a 1,000 bed facility. They cooked a couple of thousand meals per meal time and they were always tasty and nutritious. I have also had good meals at Army and Navy facilities.

    In my day, We had C-rations and K-rations and not MREs. I liked them but can’t compare it to MRE’s, I never had one.

    So, it may be a matter of prospective but, I in general liked military food.


  3. Adam Says:

    Awesome cause! Will definitely check this out!

    Regarding military food, I’m a featherweight and I gained 10 pounds in a month on the food at FT Knox’s cadet training shindig. Maybe muscle? I don’t know; I lost all of it after I came home.

    In garrison, we ate in the same chow hall as the BCT privates across the street, and we went through the same ritual–
    1) look/walk funny/learn commands
    2) enter building
    3) get food
    4) sit down/shut up/eat
    5) clean up and GTFO.

    In the field, we ate MREs. On day 1, the Drill Sergeants told us 1/1000 of the milkshakes had salmonella, so I volunteered to collect them…. I got my chocolate fix from all of the cocoa/mocha powders that come in same-shaped as the milkshakes.

    Captcha “vidned contrary” – “On the contrary, I ate Cadet Vidned’s dessert, Drill Sergeant!”



  4. Signalist Says:

    heh, here in Finland it is a tradition that every thursday, every single soldier in every single installation and aboard every navy vessel eats THIS:

    looks jummy doesn’t it? picture is an actual photo of a soldier’s tray in thursday.


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