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April 12th, 2011 by skippy

Michael Williamson asked me to courtesan this info on my site. For the record, that means the same thing as whoring it on my site, except it’s classier. Just one step below registered companioning it on my site.


With the gracious and expert help of Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore, we are starting the advance order for “Rogue.” This is the first hardcover edition, and comes with a tipped in (glued) sheet printed by Baen, and signed by me. These will be cover price of $24, plus any shipping. You may pick up your copy at the store for no additional charge if you wish.

Uncle Hugo’s is one of the stores monitored by the New York Times Bestseller list, so copies here count toward my sales rank for that. Just think, you’ll be able to tell lesser personages that you correspond, drink beer, or even shoot guns with a New York Times Bestselling author.

In the checkout, you may also mention in the “instructions” how you’d like it personalized, and I’ll try do that at the store, when I drive up in September for the release. I can’t promise to get to them all, but will try my best, and of course, I can always handle special defacement at conventions or other personal meetings. (THIS IS STILL BEING FINALIZED)

This means you’ll have limited edition, personalized proof that a NYTBA actually knows your name, calls you by it, and has something particular to say, not just, “to my good friend,” as the cliche goes. Your inscription might read, “You still owe me a beer from LosCon,” or “I like Glocks, too, but I prefer the 1911,” or even something cryptic such as, “NOTHING!!!” (You know what that means if you are who it’s meant for.)

I’ll also try to have some extra goodies on hand for those in the area, and may slip some into the books, time and quantity permitting.

You also get to add yet another rabid right wing, meat-eating, unPC gun nut to the roster of bestsellers. When Armageddon happens, which authors do you want on YOUR side?

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