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A Very Important Announcement: Please Don’t Wake Dagon!

July 18th, 2011 by skippy

Drop everything you are doing, and pay attention to this. Do I have your undivided attention?


Can you resist buying this? Of course you can't!

This is a card game based on the Shadowgirls web comic, and is based around navigating your play group through a typical day of Innsmouth Day Care; playing with toys, eating snacks, and trying no to accidentally wake up a slumbering Elder God thus dooming the human race.  You know, normal kid stuff.

I designed this game.

And it’s for sale right now.

Which makes today especially awesome for me.

Why are you still here? Click on this picture to buy a copy!

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11 Responses to “A Very Important Announcement: Please Don’t Wake Dagon!”

  1. Tim Covington Says:

    I’ve ordered my copy.


  2. timbo Says:

    I bought one too, but now I’m concerned that the four year old I bought it for doesn’t go to Innsmouth Day Care. Maybe he’ll want to transfer.


  3. Prodigal Says:

    I’m so proud that Hamstur the Unsqueakable made it in!

    Have to wait til I get paid on Friday to buy this, but loh hell yes I’m buyin’ it.


  4. D-Rod Says:

    Thanks for supporting this guys! Jonathan did a really great job on the game and it really deserves to be seen. Please make sure you tell your friends!


  5. jebbers12 Says:

    crap i have nobody to buy it for * hah ill *say* im buying it for them*


  6. Guy Wheelock Says:

    Your website f-ing SUCKS.
    I click on the “And it’s for sale right now.”
    link (in other words I AM A CUSTOMER) and your
    crappy website takes me to a page that says
    “product NOT FOUND”

    Have you EVER THOUGHT of TESTING your links – especially IMPORTANT ONES

    Or are you just sitting around wondering why you are NOT SELLING ANYTHING???


    skippy reply on August 29th, 2011 12:40 pm:

    Your social skills fucking suck.

    The link worked fine when I put it up. It sold out, and the site selling them (not me, by the way) took the section down. Newsflash fuckstain. The numbers and month attached to a post are when it went up. (In this case over a month ago) and sometimes, and I know that this will strain your tiny little mind here, shit on the internet changes. Now thank you for pointing out that the publisher changed the page. I will speak to them about that. Now could please try watching a few reruns of Sesame Street to figure out how basic human interaction is supposed to work. Or are you just sitting around wondering why everyone on the internet thinks you’re a cunt?


    skippy reply on August 29th, 2011 12:49 pm:

    See how that works?

    Would you like to try this again?


  7. Guy Wheelock Says:

    “I designed this game.” – That makes it YOUR product. Presumably sold thru YOUR affiated e-STORE (that YOU chose). See how THAT works?? And their website is one of the worst e-commerce sites I have seen. An e-commerce should NEVER say “product NOT FOUND” (that means IT DOES NOT EXIST). It should say “out of stock” (with an expected availability date if it is to be restocked). Broken links=LOST SALES. I complained about it … vs the other 100 customers that simply bought something ELSE. I do aplogize for my language (I have spent the last TWO hours simply tring to find a CONTACT to send the message to – their website does not have a “contact” link on the purchase page & their “site map” link also does not work).

    By the way; I tried to buy it thru a retail store (“Source Comics & Games” here in St. Paul 651.645.0386) last Friday & the fellow that I talked to COULDN’T EVEN FIND ANYTHING about it. The had planned to stock several copies. You might want to contact them.


    skippy reply on August 29th, 2011 2:03 pm:

    I accept your apology and offer my own. It was a rough day *before* this happened.

    ““I designed this game.” – That makes it YOUR product.”
    That is frequently not how games work. I mean, it’s my game in the sense I created it sure. But in another very legal sense, Th3rd World’s game. They own it, not me. I agree with you about what the publisher did on their site being, let’s call it “sub-optimal”. While I was aware that they had sold out of the first print run, I was not aware that they had just taken that section of the site down. I have no control over their site, and let them know that this was “a bad thing”.

    And yeah my issue wasn’t that you pointed out the problem, it was the way you said it. I’ll see about getting the publisher’s site up. They should be getting another, much larger, print run in soon, and then they will be able to start selling it to retail outlets.


  8. Guy Wheelock Says:

    Are those guys EVER going to get more product in?

    My neice has been waiting for this for her birthday for almost 2 months now. If they don’t have it in by the end of October; I WILL have to write it off & go looking for something else (which would be too bad – I’ve shown her the blurb & her comment was “it looks really cool”)

    PS. If you have any input to the Shadowgirls webside development; I would ask that you pass along a request for them to add a “contact” email so that I don’t have to bother/pass everything thru you


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