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Archive for July 14th, 2009

Random rambling about guns, pot and NAMBLA

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

I don’t own any guns, but I have been debating about getting one to protect myself from all the gun nuts stockpiling guns after Obamas election.

They are buying all these guns because they are afraid the government will take their guns away. But they are buying so many guns and getting so uppity, (shooting cops and immigration offices and all that), that it makes me think someone should pass a law and take their damned guns.

Not that it will happen but still I think more people will want gun control because the gun nuts are getting gun nuttier. It’s like some crazy Second Amendment vicious circle.

My manager and I were discussing this and he mentioned the freaks with fully automatic weapons, and wondered how you get connected to the black market like that.

I mean, it is not like buying drugs. All you have to do is be in high school or know a high schooler and you will have connects for just about everything.

Recently I tried to buy pot, so I talked to my friends, and they had no idea.

This is when I realized that any street cred or cool I ever thought I had is now officially gone.

But, this all made me and my manager wonder how you get connected to any black market?

Lets say you are a pedophile that really likes kiddie porn and that is really your thing. How do you find other pedophiles and kiddie porn suppliers? You can’t just be standing around the water cooler, and ask, “Hey, do you know where I can find a good kiddie porn website?” Yet, you are always hearing about whole crime networks being busted for kiddie porn.

Interesting side note… if you Google “NAMBLA” you will see this… (The website changed since I wrote this, but there was a snapshot of what the page looked like, so I saved a copy here).
welcome to nambla

welcome to a world of pleasure… Enter password: JOIN US ! get your own nambla t-shirt.

That’s right, you can get a NAMBLA T-SHIRT. Order now, and I can almost guarantee you’ll be the first kid on your block to sport one of these puppies.

Another side note on the NAMBLA website, it is www.nambla.de. That is right, the North American Man Boy Love Associations website is not even hosted in North America.

You have to wonder, how do these people find each other?

Speaking of finding like minded people, it makes me think about the couple that kidnapped people kept them as sex slaves and then when they were done with them, they would kill them and bury them out on the yard. (I already wrote about this topic, but if you are curious and never saw my thoughts on that, check this out).