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Time to Play Cowboy

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Around a year ago I got a great job offer to go and work on an MMO based off a well known property.  I accepted the offer, and moved to Arizona.  The company was great, the people have been awesome, and I found that I really enjoy living in the Phoenix area.  Except for the heat of course. (Most places have four seasons.  Arizona has two.  Hot, and Sun-Blasted Hellscape.)

But me and my wife are expecting two children.  We don’t have the built-in support network of friends and family that you tend to build up when you’ve spent a long time in one place and had a chance to set down roots.

And as much as I like the place where I live, and I like what I do, I don’t get to make decisions based on what I like any more.  I make decisions based on what’s best for my family.

My wife and I have decided that under the circumstances we need to live closer to our relatives.  And so we are moving back to the Dallas area.  We are doing this soon, as we would like to get it done before she get’s too big to travel.

As much as I’d like to remain in the video game industry that is probably not feasible given the state of it in the area that we are moving to.  Both my wife and I have already started to look for work in the area.  But one thing I have learned about looking for work is that knowing people in the right place can get a lot of opportunities.  Since I have a whole bunch of people who look at this site on a regular basis, I figured I’d ask here.  Do any of you know of any places hiring in the Dallas area?

I’m primarily looking for Graphic Design, and my wife is primarily looking for Web Design.  But we’ll take anything with health insurance.

Janice has 10 years of professional web and graphic design experience. You can view her site, including her portfolio and business blog, here.

I have over 10 years of experience using 2D graphics software, such as Adobe, and Corel products.  I spent 6 years doing graphic design work, and have worked in some seriously high stress environments with high standards for the final product, such as the Military and the game industry.  I was working on a graphic design portfolio when my power supply burned out.  I should be able to get a few work samples up within a week or so.  I also know most of the basics with MS Office, and I can be an office monkey do some clerical work too.   Also I can evidently write funny blog posts.  I’m not sure how many paying positions there are for that, but I’m willing to listen to any ideas.