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Archive for April 5th, 2009

Things I Can’t Do As A Purchasing Assistant

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

(Submitted by Kereineko)

1. Not allowed to spend your whole shift active on the internet.
2. Not allowed to bypass the sensors that record active internet usage time.
3. Not allowed to disappear into the factory for hours while not working.
4. Not allowed to try to steal flavors we make to add to your drinks.
5. Not allowed to even if it comes out awesome and ever one wants more.
6. Not allowed to ask to replace you buyer since he’s retarded at his job and a monkey should be able to do but he can’t.
7. Not allowed to ask if you can make capes for your dept.
8. Not allowed to call your boss “captain silly” or “mr. Happy” to mock him.
9. Not allowed to bring in capes that say Mr. Happy or C.S. (captain stupid).