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Archive for April 9th, 2008

Important Guidelines

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Whelp, it looks like I’m going to unveil the first guest writer soon. And before anyone says anything, Michiel doesn’t count as a guest. He’s pretty much moved in and has his feet up on the coffee table.

But due to some of the submissions I have received, I feel that I may need to lay out some ground rules.

Things that are good to email me:

  1. Funny military stories
  2. Funny stories in general
  3. Links to amusing things
  4. Treasure maps. (Hey you never know)
  5. Additions for the “Friends of Skippy” list
  6. Suggestions for things you would like for me to write about
  7. A picture of you wearing a Squid Pie t-shirt
  8. Questions that you would like me to answer
  9. New Skippy’s List Variants you have found
  10. Suggestive pictures (if you are a woman)

Things that are bad to email to me:

  1. Fanfic
  2. Even if it’s Skippy’s List themed
  3. Even if “I swear you’ll like this one”
  4. Suggestive pictures (if you are not a woman)
  5. Anything that violates OPSEC.
  6. Please do not confess to any criminal acts. There is a difference between light-hearted mischief and felony assault
  7. Especially don’t do 5 or 6 from government email accounts
  8. Please do not make me an “accessory after the fact”
  9. Do not make a transcript of anything you and your friends did while drinking “epic quantities of peppermint schnapps”
  10. To the cosplay folks with the camcorder: Bonus points for creativity, now please never do that again

Not funny legal junk:

Material submitted to appear on Skippy’s List is still your property, thus you retain the copyright. Nobody reads the legal stuff, so I bet you’re not even reading this. I will only use your submitted material on this web site unless I receive written permission from you to use it elsewhere. I like turtles. I will not claim your material as my own. Please don’t send other people’s work. Seriously, no fanfic. If you wish, I will put yoursubmission on my site with your email and a link to your website. Unless I don’t feel like it for some reason. Your material may be edited for grammatical and spelling corrections. Void where prohibited by law. I’m not paying for submissions at this time, and am not likely to start in the future. This is just a way to share some funny stories with the world on the Intertubes. La zona blanca está para el cargamento y descargar solamente.