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Watch This Right Before Bed

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

I Know What They Were Thinking

Friday, October 17th, 2008

With Skippy talking about road trips and such things it brings to mind that there are several places out there with some sort of attention grabbing gimmick. Some are things like dinosaurs in front of gas stations, others are simply the names of the place. Below are a few names I have come across (and their locations when I can remember them) in my travels. All of these places are reputable places of business that are not what their names imply.

  1. Skinny Dick’s Halfway Inn (Alaska) (Hotel and Lounge)
  2. Grandma’s Shaved Beaver (Washington) (A restaurant specializing in local game animals)
  3. St. Louis Steel Erection (Missouri) (Construction company)
  4. Hore’s House (British Columbia) (Bed and Breakfast)
  5. The Notty Shop (Alaska) (A souvenir shop and Ice Cream/coffee bar)
  6. Knockin’ Boots (Oklahoma) (Obviously it’s a custom boot maker)

And then there are of course the message boards. You have probably seen several of them that when taken out of context would be extremely naughty. Probably the most famous one is a church sign with the message “The most powerful position in the world is on your knees.” There are many others and here are just a few that I have seen:

  1. On a taxidermists shop: “Father’s Day Special – Wives, bring ’em in and we’ll skin and stuff ’em for you!”
  2. On a sign shared by a grocery store and lingerie shop: “Special Half Off Sale! Come see our melons!”
  3. On a sign in the middle of a desert: “Caution! No Water Ahead!”
  4. On a church sign: “Laying on your back and yelling “Oh My God” is not the same as going to Church.”

And finally, as I was driving off a military installation there was a sign that simply said “Speed Hump Ahead,” not even 25 feet later there were two deer going at it hot and heavy. This distracted me so much that I actually bottomed out the back end of my truck and the actual speed hump. At http://www.bantuhealth.org/levitra-generic-buy/ you can purchase generic Levitra professional Vardenafil 20mg.

Please feel free to add as many places and names as you would like to this!

Fun New Comics

Monday, July 14th, 2008

I know I should have put this up over a week ago, but I got sick, then busy at work, and so here we are.

So I got to go to Wizard World Chicago two weeks ago, and spent way too much, and proved that I am an irredeemable and colossal nerd once again.

While I was there, I got to meat Jennie Breeden, who was nice, but looks almost nothing like she draws herself in her comic.

And I got to meet Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza. They were also nice, and look remarkably like they portray themselves in comic form. I actually was able to recognize Lar on sight because he looked so much like his drawing of himself. It was almost creepy.

I also got to meet Gary Reed, who wrote the first zombie themed product that I ever got my hands on. So that was like getting to meet Santa Claus. Except with more flesh eating monsters.

I also got to see a few new things that turned out to be pretty good.

The first is a comic called Jobnik. This is a brutally honest autobiography of an American girl who enlisted in the Israeli Army. I thought it was a good read, and its worth checking out. I’ve been writing online for a little over a year, and I have never, and probably will never, put as much of myself into anything that I write as Miriam Libicki has.

The next interesting thing I picked up was this bizarre independent comic called Peep Its more or less a documentary about how cute baby chickens are malevolence personified, and then portrays them running amok over an unsuspecting humanity. There’s lots of drawings of adorable cartoon chicks covered in gore. Good stuff.

But the best thing that I picked up was a series called Deep Fried. The creator describes it as Mad Magazine with South Park humor. I just know its one of the few things I’ve ever read that where I was simultaneously laughing out loud and cringing. One of the regular features is a post-apocalyptic version of Charlie Brown which is one of the most inspired bits of comedy that I have seen in a long time.