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February 11th, 2015 by skippy

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One Response to “Get It Now”

  1. Grace Says:

    I have a nice story about Po-po with a sense of humour.Buddy of mine has a fernid who has good job, and to celebrate a nice promotion bought himself a nice BMW M5 (you know the nice sporty sports sedan) offer’s to let my buddy “see what it can do”. (This is the upper middle class version of the redneck’s famous last words “Watch this!” btw.)So very early inthe morning they get at the bottom of the on ramp to the local hwy, and wait for the light to turn green. They proceed to accelerate to the highway with everything she’s got that doesn’t involve actually spinning wheels.At the top of the ramp, merging with the non-existent traffic they are very comfortably into the triple digits, and there is a wide spot on the break down lane.Where, of course, Constable Courteous is finishing his donut and coffee in blessed morning quiet of a 5 AM speed trap where the radar gun is humming quietly.There’s a quick flash of Officer Friendly with his jaw on the pavement, and they zip by him.My buddy goes: Doh! and doesn’t wait, he just brakes and pulls over.Police pulls up behind the miscreants. Gets out of car. “license & registration please”5min later the cop, having verified that both parties are in fact insured, have clean records, the car is days new.”Do you have any idea how fast you were going?” “Yes sir.” Pause. “You do realize that that sort of speed is unsafe, even in a nice car like this” “Yes, sir.” “Do you realize the size of fine you get for going on the order of 2+ times the legal limit?” “No sir.” “It’s a VERY painful fine, and it’d be a shame to park such a nice car in the driveway for 6months while you walk to work.” “oh.””But it’s the end of my shift, there isn’t any traffic and it’s a lovely morning. Quit being dumbasses, already.”Hands back paperwork. There’s a map with a road marked in red. “That road is one way, and it’s very curvy, has good sightlines, it’s newly paved and has no houses on it. It’d be very diffcult to actually go faster than the speed limit on it, but it’s fun to try. Have a nice day””Thank you officer.”


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