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Two if by sea

February 13th, 2012 by skippy

This Friday 1.5 tons of boardgame will be leaving India, and sailing it’s way to my new warehouse facility.  And by that I mean my garage.

The site for WeaselPants Productions will be live soon, and in about a month sales will begin.

School is done.  Most of the work for the game is out of the way.  I suppose I really should start writing more now that I finally can.

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7 Responses to “Two if by sea”

  1. Saladin Says:

    Holy crap!!! Skippy lives. I’d sorta assumed you’d been killed by your spawn as part of their quest for world domination. That or run down by a rampaging horde of rabid Koalas. Or zombies. Zombies are always a good bet.


    Squab reply on February 13th, 2012 10:44 pm:

    Assume all 3. His spawn turned into mutant zombie koalas and multiplied into a ravaging horde.


  2. Shadowydreamer Says:

    Hey – I knew this guy called Skippy.. He ran this really funny website where all sorts hung out. We all just assumed he’d been buried under board games and dirty diapers.


  3. Ian M Says:

    Good luck, Skippy. Glad to have you back.


  4. SCAlexD Says:

    I want to see a photo of Skippy: Both in the Army and Now. Just one or two?


    Dave in NC reply on February 14th, 2012 3:30 pm:

    I’m sure they’re very similar Skippys, except the Army version’s “crappy” job was less literal then. Unless he pulled latrine duty a lot.


  5. RANDY W Says:

    i’m buying just to support this website. Kids and I should have a good time together instead of xbox 360!


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