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Zombies and Vampires and Speedos, Oh My!

September 19th, 2011 by skippy

I don’t normally like this sort of music, but I love this band’s videos. (Warning- you might not be able to unsee the last one)

You were warned about this one.

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9 Responses to “Zombies and Vampires and Speedos, Oh My!”

  1. SKD Says:

    Skippy, you have a singular gift for finding nightmare fuel…


  2. wetdryvac Says:

    That, that’s going to have me giggling for days, though I fear I rather like the music, which probably says disturbing things about me.


  3. Brianna Says:

    That’s just plain fun! It’s not Mozart, but it’s fun. Yeah, that probably says something disturbing about me, but I am not, nor ever have been, mainstream. *giggles*


  4. Brianna Says:

    Besides, it’s possible that we gals have a different reaction to that last vid. *giggles harder*


  5. DarkDanc3r Says:

    Okay… so yeah, not my kind of music either, but ear-worm material for sure. Especially the first one.

    And if you search YouTube for the latest Kia Soul commercial, you’ll see hamsters and robots dancing to Party Rock. And only hamsters can make those damned pants make sense.


  6. AriesOmega Says:

    My wife and a friend went and saw LMFAO and Kesha recently…know I know what she was meaning.


  7. AFP Says:

    I think that last one is going to be my new theme song.


  8. Damoncord Says:

    Honestly I could do without the video for the third video but the music was good in all three.


  9. Reese Says:

    Okay, thought you would get a kick out of this when I saw it. Beleive it or not my Mom sent me this link.


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