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Archive for August 30th, 2010

That One Guy

Monday, August 30th, 2010

My dad likes to tell this story, especially around Halloween. You’ll see why. And, of course, whenever anyone starts discussing “That one guy”. You know the one. That person in every unit/workplace/class you’ve ever been in that makes you wonder how many times this person was dropped as a child. And also what your CO/boss/instructor was thinking/smoking when they allowed this person into the group. That guy that makes you say “wow, somewhere a village is missing it’s idiot”.

This is a story about that one guy. My dad was an airborne ranger (a cook, airborne ranger, the most badass cook in the army) and, of course, they had training jumps. Now, one thing that every soldier knows is that if you are going to jump out of an airplane and then hike ten miles back, you don’t bring non-essential crap. What you do bring is lots of water. Most of the guys on the plane had a couple of two-quarts plus a camelback, except that one guy. He only had a two-quart, he was worried about the weight of the extra water. He did, however, bring a large bag of candy. (more…)