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Deceptive Movie Titles

April 19th, 2010 by skippy

Evidently many people can be easily fooled by movies that have similar names. In fact there are studios whose entire business model is based on this fact. (The Asylum, I am looking in your direction for some reason.)

One unfortunate side effect of this problem is children’s movies. There are several movies that are made for children which have names that bear a rather unfortunate resemblance to the title of a movie that is not appropriate for kids. This can lead an unprepared parent to make a poor rental decision. Which can in turn lead his wife to get very angry for something that was obviously beyond his control in the first place.

So to help out all of the parents out there, I have assembled this handy guide that will help clear up any confusion.

Movies that sound like kids movies but are actually bad for kids

Good for kids: Bad for Kids:
Labyrinth Pan’s Labyrinth
National Velvet Blue Velvet
Bugsy Malone Bugsy
Jungle Book Jungle Fever
The Aristocats The Aristocrats
Wizard of Oz Zardoz, Wizards, or Oz
The Prodigy – The Way of the Panda Prodigy – the “Smack my bitch up” band
Bugs Bunny Brown Bunny
Meet the Deedles Meet the Feebles
Veggie Tales* – The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything Brutal Face Fuckers Volume 3

Just kidding on the last two. I would never make a child watch Veggie Tales.

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24 Responses to “Deceptive Movie Titles”

  1. AFP Says:

    And of course: Pirates of the Caribbean as opposed to Pirates.

    Captcha: although bahamas – although the Bahamas are a great place to meet pirates. Captcha win?


  2. ShuttleZ Says:

    Meet The Feebles 0.0 Only second to Bad Taste as Peter Jackson’s greatest contribution to Entertainment…..(never mind that Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit thing). XD

    Captcha: pressures sulfates – Have you watched Bad Taste? Then you’ll know just how inappropriate that captcha is! :P


  3. Stickfodder Says:

    Hay veggie tales isn’t that bad. Sure it’s a Christian show but it’s weird enough to be entertaining.


  4. Coourtney Says:

    I can watch Veggie Tales only one day a year. Today turns out to be that day. Thanks for the idea, Skippy.


  5. SSgt. Dave Says:

    Skippy, are you the unprepared parent in this scenario? If so, which unfortunate rental choice did you make?


  6. kat Says:

    I am about to say two words that will save your life later, write this down…
    The Wiggles
    It is a show made for young children that won’t drive you insane. Sounds crazy I know. But after three hours of “Mommy more” “NONONONONONONONONO!!!!!” and “Please, candy?” I can’t tell you how relieved I am to hear, “Please, Wiggles.” Come out of my daugter’s mouth

    Captca: suspect there – I suspect there may be a good reason other animals eat their young


    Maven reply on April 20th, 2010 7:42 pm:

    I have to respect 4 guys singing and dancing (to horrible songs) that can make my ADHD Spaz of a kid sit down for half-an-hour so I can get things done.
    That said, Cpt Feathersword must die…horribly.


    Jim A reply on April 21st, 2010 5:39 am:

    Some body actually GAVE ME a Captain Feathersword promotional item. It looks like a furry duster with a hilt and makes a SCHWING noise when you swing it.

    captcha: venality 7-2
    I guess that’s the alternative to John 3:16


    kat reply on April 21st, 2010 8:46 pm:

    The funny thing is, my dad always calls them “Those gay british guys” They are based in Australia, and all but one of them are married with children (who appear in several of their movies)


    Jen reply on April 22nd, 2010 3:37 pm:

    I prefer the Upside Down Show, also based in Aussie land and is much more entertaining on the adult senses than the Wiggles, but then I had to go see them in concert because my daughter and my niece just HAD to see them. Had that fricken fruit salad song stuck in my head for days..talk about cruel and unusual.

    Jim A reply on April 23rd, 2010 9:43 am:

    Well I’m old enough to have vague memories of The Doubledeckers a British import on Saturday mornings. About, ISTR a bunch of kids who lived in the titular bus.

    ltc_insane reply on April 22nd, 2010 8:08 am:

    lol someone lives in OZ ?


  7. TheShadowCat Says:

    You forgot to put Peter Pan with Labyrinth vs. Pan’s Labyrinth. Yes, some idiot took her kids to see Pan’s Labyrinth because she thought it had to do with Peter Pan. The fact that the movie is in Spanish with English subtitles and the fact that it’s a live action movie, not a cartoon were not what clued the woman in. No, she waited until the scene with the bottle. I don’t think Guillermo del Toro has ever done a film that wasn’t at least a PG-13.

    BTW, they do put the ratings on the outside of the box. You might want to look into that.

    graduated corpse – Zombie U. Where all of the well educated undead come from.


  8. Catherine Says:

    Thank you, Skippy. Now, when my fiancée and I get married an eventually have children, I will understand when he brings “Wet Hot MILFs 4” home instead of “Bambi”. Though I’d rather have my children watch “MILFs” than “Veggie tales.” At least they’d get a valuable biology lesson out of one.


  9. Jim A Says:

    Hey, I’m an atheist and I like veggie tales. I wonder whether the “no belly button” song is a coment on oomphalism. The problem is that just about ANYTING that gets that special 5 year old style heavy rotation will make you want to blind your self and puncture your own ear drums. A friend’s autistic kid when through a phase where all he wanted to do was watch the Nicky and Jackie video from Joe sparks. Great little piece, (thank you mister ultra mega bomb) but after a while….


    Stephanie reply on April 21st, 2010 6:35 am:

    I just need to tell you something, I ain’t got no bellybutton…now it’s stuck in my head! There are worse things I suppose.

    I like Veggie Tales in general, and Rock Monster is classic.


    Willy reply on April 21st, 2010 10:32 pm:

    I think Skippy was scarred by a member of the Veggie Tales crew, known only as “the cumcumber.” Or possibly Larry.See, there was an incident probably involving alcohol, definitely pants, and Larry the cucumber…

    “punching a pecker for pious propaganda”



  10. Lt. Ronald Says:

    I actually fell into the Pan’s Labyrinth trap.


    Minty reply on April 24th, 2010 10:33 am:

    Just for you, or did you take your kids to see it?

    Personally, I would have probably screwed up my kids with that, considering all the weird shit I read as I child myself.


  11. Sequoia Says:

    Oh where is my hairbrush?


    David B reply on March 9th, 2014 12:13 am:

    I have a stuffed manatee, and guess its name.
    Also, whenever we want to annoy my dad, the Hairbrush song is what we start singing. One day, he was complaining that he had a song stuck in his head, so my mom walked up behind him and went “Oh where is my hairbrush?”. He cussed her out.


  12. walter willis Says:

    “A Boy And His Dog”, in the children’s section of the library. I clued them in that the dog helps the boy find women to rape, kill, and eat, and the dog is the only nice character in the movie.
    Good movie, too.


  13. David B Says:

    My dad can play the Veggie Tales theme on his contra.
    Also, Skippy, if you want to watch a veggietales movie that was definately made when they were high, watch “The Wizard of Has”, their telling of “The Prodigal Son”


  14. Mina Showalter Says:

    we sell cheap tape in hair extensions


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