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Precocious Girl is Precocious

June 30th, 2015 by

Yesterday the 5 year old girl barged into the bathroom while my husband was taking a shower. He tells her to leave, because he’s naked.

“Whatever. I’ve already SEEN your penis.”

That’s Skippy’s daughter.

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3 Responses to “Precocious Girl is Precocious”

  1. David B Says:

    Oh god.


  2. Tim Miller Says:

    That’s hilarious! My daughters, who will be 4 & 3 in mid January, also have no respect for boundaries. Hard to think that they’re this old too. It seems like just yesterday I read Skippy’s post about “that funny noise” being one twin’s poop teleporting to the other twin’s diaper!


  3. Jennie Talia Says:

    I read this while on a train and started laughing so hard I cried. The guy next to me (he was a Melbourne hippie with dreads and sunnies, which made this even more hilarious) stared at my phone and read your post. He then proceeded to gasp like a little girl, and mutter “fucking kiddy diddler” under his breath. Yeah, that’s not what Skippy meant……..


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