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Highlights of Dallas Comic Con

May 23rd, 2012 by skippy

This past weekend I attended Dallas Comic Con.  It was a success, and by success I mean I made more money than I spent.

I had several interesting events transpire while I was there.

I go to meet Randy Milholland of Something Positive and Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue.  I have gotten piles of entertainment out of their comics, so I gave each of them a free copy of the game.  They both knew my artist David Reddick and were impressed with his work.

While I was there I tried to sell my original Star Wars movie poster.  It turns out, lots of people want to buy an original Star Wars movie poster.  Not many want to pay near what it’s worth however.

At one point I woman with family in tow approached my booth, and I began my sales pitch.  Due to the angle one of my booth banners blocked the view of me from most of the isle.  Once I stepped out to show her more about the game I hear “Skippy?”  It was a guy who lived in my dorm in college.

I had a Skippyslist fan come up to the booth.  So far every single Con I go to contains at least one person who has heard of Skippyslist.  And you’d better believe that I will find a way to milk that into a sale.

At one point as I was heading out to grab lunch when I overhead part of a sentence between two fans. “–a bunch of web comics, and he works for Garfield.”

“You guys are talking about David Reddick, aren’t you?”
“Yeah! You know about him?  He’s one of my favorite artists!”
“Yeah I know about him.  He did the art for my game.”

Easiest two sales of the con.
So all in all it went well.  Next week, I get to try out Origins.

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6 Responses to “Highlights of Dallas Comic Con”

  1. Katie Simpson Says:

    So are you going to get either of those guys to do art for future games? I can definitely see Randy Milholland being a sufficiently twisted SOB to complement your style. ;)


  2. Tom Says:

    I figured it was going real good when this came through on my RSS reader:


  3. Phred Says:

    Woohoo! I’m a trend-setter… :D

    And congrats on the ThinkGeek deal!


  4. timbo Says:

    I saw this Star Trek/skull “Red Shirt” tee on Boing-Boing: http://www.fsctees.com/2012/05/hes-dead-jim.html


  5. Joe Says:

    You should see if Randy or Joel can introduce you/connect you with Jonathan Coulton & John Scalzi.

    Or even Wil Wheaton.

    And FYI: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQIuapbeh0I


  6. joecrouse Says:

    You need to get out to BALTIMORE comic Con.


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