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GAMA Trip: Day 1

March 12th, 2012 by skippy

Yesterday I hopped on a plane to fly over to Las Vegas to spend a week picking the brains of game industry veterans and trying to find distributors and retailers for Redshirts.  Here are my impressions of the trip thus far:

Air travel: Spirit Airlines has a economy based entirely on baggage fees.  There was a fee for every bag, including carry on.  A  fee based on bag weight.  I’m pretty sure there was also a fee for paying the fees.

Once on the plane: I was seated behind a family with two infants, and in front of a group of sorority girls.  Guess who was more annoying?

I’ll give you a hint.  The soroity girls had managed to turn “whoo!” into a form of punctuation.  “We’re going to Vegas! Whoo!” “Brittany isn’t pregnant!” “Whoo!” “I’ve decided to become a vegan!” “Whoo!”.  For the record, from their conversation it appears that vegan means “I will only eat animals that aren’t cute.”

At one point the girls decided to be profound, or at least what passes for profound within their social circle.  “Tiffany just tweeted “not every skinny girl is hot, and not every fat girl is ugly.  That sounds like something a fat girl would say!” “Whoo!”  Then an old guy in my row said “That sounds like something a ugly skinny girl would say.”

“Whoo!” added his wife.

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4 Responses to “GAMA Trip: Day 1”

  1. Gary Says:

    “Yesterday I hoped on a plane”

    Sounds as if you very much “hoped”… you hoped that, once you got to Vegas, you’d find a bunch of people who would buy “Redshirts”, you’d make a ton of money, then on your next flight, you’d either be in business or first class.
    Not a bad hope.


  2. Psychlycan Says:

    I would say that hopefully they lose everything at the casinos, but I would bet it would come out of their poor parents pockets.


  3. Kegger Says:

    I’ve been looking for new examples for waht to be when I grow up. The older couple are my new role models. “Whoo!”


  4. jmireles Says:

    Wow. Yay old folks. Sitting and being forced to listen to that kind of mindless conversation is bad. Skippy, you should be glad they didn’t suddenly develop an overwhelming desire to include you in it.


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