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What’s been going on.

February 23rd, 2012 by skippy
So things have been busy over here, and I have really started to let things go on the updating the blog front.  I’ve spent a few days staring at the blank “Add New Post” window.  Feeling uninspired, I will just update everyone on what’s been going on for the past month or so.

I graduated from college, which is a relief because trying to run a business, start a second business and be the primary caregiver to a pair of rambunctious twins was already a great big pile of work.

During my last quarter I did some math and realized that as long as I just barely passed the course I would still graduate with a decent GPA.  I promptly began treating the assignments as my own personal playtime.  Strangely, my grades went up.

I have been receiving a terrifying set of lessons about US Import law.  I always thought it was “products ship over, paperwork gets filled out, small amount of money is paid to the government, and you get your stuff.”  Which is technically true.  In the sense that if you get accused of murder it goes “Show up at court, say stuff to the judge, avoid going to jail.”  While technically correct, it is just a smidge more complicated than that.   And if you fail to enlist the aid of a trained professional there is an excellent chance that horrible things will happen to you.

My game is on track to be released late next month, although the shipping process is dragging out a bit longer than it should have.  So far I am committed to GAMA Trade, Origins, Give to Game, and Dallas Comic Con.  We’re planning to try for Gen Con, and pretty much any medium-sized cons in Texas that we can find.  If you know of any, please let me know.

Last year I worked on a board game that got published called Please Don’t Wake Dagon.  The publishers are finally beginning to move again on that, and more news should be available soon.

I went to two conventions recently.  I got invited to ConJour in Houston as a guest.  This was a very very tiny con, and I think that there were barely more guests than staff.  I wound up on several panels with Glen Welch, of the “2000 Things That Mr Welch Can No Longer Do in an RPG”.  I was surprised by the invitation because, well, I wrote a viral joke on the Internet something around eleven years ago, which I’m not exactly sure is a current event any more.  This was one panel that was supposed to be the two of us disusing the origins of our lists.  Nobody showed up.

While in Houston I met the Tully’s, who had the scariest RPG ever.  It wasn’t a horror RPG, it’s just that nearly every thing about it was virtually identical to a homebrew table top game I ran last year.  It was like they were watching me, taking notes and published it.  The game is called Mana Punk and I will be trading a copy of Redshirts for it once my shipment comes in.

Last weekend I went to ConDFW, to schmooze.  I found a store that may be carrying my game soon, and a few podcasts that want to interview me for a chance to plug my game.  The fun moment was when they took my email address down and they go, “skippyslist .com?  You’re not that Skippy are you?”

My children have discovered artistic expression.  Right now they are working primarily in the fecal medium.  Their masterpieces are called “Poop mural on texture painted wall”, “Poop smeared into carpet”, and the popular “Poop used as hair care product for my little brother.”  Do you know how long it takes to get two childrens worth of poop off of a texture painted wall with a combination of spray cleaner and toothbrush?  Because I do.

We have replaced cable television with my old desktop PC.  Nearly every show I want to watch is on the Internet anyways.  The others are on DVD or available to watch at my friends houses.  I’m finding this to not only be cheaper, but frankly I prefer my big living room television to be a giant computer monitor.   Fun bonus: Infinite free porn in the living room, which is handy as it is the only place the wife and I can fit the Twister mat.

I actually recently wrote something that even I thought might be a little too far.  People that regularly read the sort of things I find funny might want to think about that for a bit.


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13 Responses to “What’s been going on.”

  1. Shadowydreamer Says:

    Skippy dearest, isn’t the Twister mat how you ened up with your two little artistic endevours in the first place? :D


  2. Leon Says:

    Wait, you and Glen Welch on a panel and no one showed up? Teh Hell?

    Well, I’ve now given up hope for this world. Everyone was probably off at a Kardashian publicity event.


    jmireles reply on March 13th, 2012 10:54 am:

    What a world we live in when talentless, vapid, gutter-sluts like the Kardashians get all the attention while intelligent and truly funny people get knocked by the wayside. I mean, can someone seriously tell me what Kim’s talent is, aside from dunking more balls than the NBA?


  3. ShuttleZ Says:

    Wait, what? You wrote something that even YOU thought went too far? Seriously? Now, this HAS to bee seen! Please?


  4. That Guy Says:

    On the subject of Cons, RTX is going on in early July. It’s put on by the guys who make Red vs Blue, and is going to be “The Internet. For real. In Austin.” At least according to the FAQ. There are suposed to be a few thousand attendees this year.

    I was a volunteer at the last one, and am signed up again this year, so I can tell you it’s going to be awesome. Link to the site is here:



  5. the henchman Says:

    I must say that we are disappointed in you Mr Skippy. Had we been made aware of your visit to ConJour, your panel would likely not have gone un attended.


  6. Matt C Says:

    Info about upcoming (well, this year’s) cons might be gleaned by perusing :


    Hope that helps …


  7. Susan Says:

    “Working primarily in the fecal medium.” Good one!

    Glad to see your post. I was starting to wonder if you, your wife, and the Things had been abducted by aliens.

    And congrats on your graduation!


  8. Signalist Says:

    wohoo, skippy’s back again! I had already started reading Cracked.com as a substitute, though I think I’ll keep following their articles anyways.


  9. Joe Says:


    Randal Milholland, the author of Something Positive, is local to you, (Arlington area) and would have a load of good contacts and convention schedules. As well as road-trip timelines to be at them, and experience as to what your expected attendance expenses would be. He’ll aslo be able to tell you what need to request as a vendor & all the other little things that make con going so much easier for the pros.

    @choochoobear is his twitter handle, and choochoobear@gmail.com is obviously email.

    I think the two of you would get along just fine.


    Maven reply on February 29th, 2012 12:36 pm:

    Milholland is a UNT allum, and I always thought he sounded like someone (had he been a few years older)whom would have hung out at our table at the Tomato…


  10. M578jockey Says:

    Mine used to sit on the toilet and use the shower curtain as his preferred medium. On the bright side, it was machine washable.


  11. tubacca123 Says:

    Comicpalooza in Houston is a fantastic one—I know they are always looking for guests.


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