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Shark Pool

October 27th, 2011 by skippy

Shark Pool!

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7 Responses to “Shark Pool”

  1. Harvest Says:

    This movie is a perfect allegory for society. Just look at the basic components:

    A problem arises.
    They try to solve the problem.
    People with common sense are drowned out by morons who inexplicably are in a position of power and authority.

    Its basically animal farm with jocks. They should give this thing an oscar or two.


  2. wetdryvac Says:

    I. Just. Ow.


  3. Silver2501 Says:

    I find myself thinking of officers for some reason…………………………


  4. Psychlycan Says:

    I’d watch just to see how they explain why the hell nobody left the pool after they first found a freakin’ shark. And also to see if anybody tried attaching laser beams to the sharks head.


  5. Brianna Says:

    Oh, holy shit! This digs at every vegematic horror movie ever filmed! If the bad guys/monsters/whatever are outside the idiot kids go outside in the dark looking for a way to escape instead of forting up inside til daybreak and keep getting picked off one by one. If the bad guys/monsters/whatever are inside the kids stay inside getting picked off ditto. The idea of getting the fuck out of the house and peeling rubber to get away never enters the idiots’ minds. In both of em they keep sending one person into danger after another and never learn. Classic!


  6. Dorf Says:

    Dude, just don’t go into the pool!


  7. Tzanti Says:

    Brilliant. Satire needs something to satirise, and the market is rich with sequels-of-sequels and overripe franchises. Look forward to that.


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