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Random Thoughts

September 15th, 2011 by skippy

I’ve gotten really horrible at keeping this site updated. I keep trying. God knows, every day I open up the WordPress dashboard, and stare at the “add post” button. I stare at it as hard as I can. To no avail. Between kids, school, and a few other projects, I just never seem to find the time to get anything written. So what we have here today is me just dropping whatever thoughts occur to me down on the page. Maybe if I do this enough I can get back in the habit of regular updates.

This will probably be of interest to all three of the people who still read this site.

So lately I really worry about messing up my kids by accident. For instance my wife read Curious George to our kids yesterday, and it turns out that the story is really about kidnapping and Stockholm Syndrome. We might as well be teaching out kids that vans full of candy are an excellent place to spend a day in an ether-fueled haze.

I am also worried about the fact I have just learned that you are not supposed to double space after a period. I have been doing it that way since I was fourteen because I went to a school that made me take typing, and the damned Xavarian Monk that ran the class told me to do it that way. Considering that the same Catholic boys school tried to teach me that the Rhythm Method and Pulling Out were valid birth control choices, it does seem rather silly that I took anything they said seriously up until this point. I keep double-tapping the keyboard even while I am writing about how it is wrong, how messed up is that?

I’m currently starring at a little pile of business cards on my desk. While I was at Baltimore Comic Con, I met several people who were neat, and I promised to plug their stuff on this site and never quite got around to it. I would do that now, but it would require a certain amount of excavation, just to get the pile out from under everything else. My desk is kind of messy. Like a very special episode of Hoarders messy. In front of me I have an empty Advil bottle, some medical tape, half a coconut shell, a copy of War in Hell, a wallet that my wife bought because she evidently believes that she can bring home things like wallets for me and I will use them, a copy of Are You My Mother, some sort of Swiss Army hex wrench contraption, a copy of Spore, and a pair of my toddlers’ pants. I swear by all that I hold holy I have no idea how those wound up there. And that’s just on the part in between my keyboard and my monitor. The only clean spot is directly to my left, because my children can reach there.

I’ll get to the business cards later. Somebody remind me.

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