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Archive for May 12th, 2011

Still More Fun With Online School

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

A few days ago I received the following as an assignment in my current class. I have marked the relevant part.

“Write some notes as a personal journal of what you have learned.

By Tuesday, May 10, 2011, post your personal journal to the Discussion Area.

There is no grade for this, but it will form the basis for writing a final, farewell posting, and will be a useful reference as you pursue your career and further studies.”

Guess which is the part I ran with?


Tits 1, Ass 0*

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

I don’t normally care all that much for Megan McCain. She rarely contributes anything useful to political discussions. She achieved her fame more or less solely through family connections without doing anything noteworthy on her own. And frankly her writing rarely strikes me as insightful, or even particularly well thought out.

But then there’s this. This is brilliant.

*Yeah I can see how this title is ironic, all things considered, but it’s funny, right?