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Real men of Genius

March 23rd, 2011 by skippy

Today we salute you, anabolics Mr. Combat Reflective Belt Sash Wearer.

Thank you to Phelps.

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3 Responses to “Real men of Genius”

  1. Signalist Says:

    I have for long wondered why our M95 wintercoats (have camouflage pattern), obviously planned to be used on field rather than in base, have triangular reflective patch sewn to the hem in front and back, well, they are slowly being replaced with new ones that do not have reflective patches sewn anywhere so who cares anymore.


  2. LoC Says:

    ye gods… I love it. Like a video version of this:

    *crosses fingers and hopes links are allowed here*


  3. SpcWard Says:

    so thats why we were required to wear it in iraq to help keep our reflexes sharp go figure.


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