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March 21st, 2011 by skippy

OMG! she sings so good!

And the song is so good too!

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21 Responses to “Friday”

  1. Private Fubar Says:

    Forget Bieber Fever, Everyone’s got the Black Plague!

    Seriously, the tiny little hairs in my ears have just endured a genocide of their kind. Be easy on them.

    captcha: eszes obviously. “How did you get so famous, Miss Black?” “Auto-tune, eszes, obviously”


  2. SKD Says:

    And this is why I don’t listen to radio music stations.


  3. Enigmatick Says:

    Why? Dear God, Skippy, WHY??!?!!?


  4. Enigmatick Says:

    Seriously, one of the comments on YuoTube called this song “F*cking Ear Murder.”

    I’ve never heard a more appropriate comment in my life.


  5. Psychlycan Says:

    I see your cute and raise you a C’thulu!



  6. Swissjak Says:

    ARGH! Rick Rolled by Skippy


  7. Ziggy Says:

    This makes me put my face in my hands and weep for the future of humanity.

    It’s especially painful because I’ve been a musician for thirty years and haven’t ever had major exposure. But this talentless fetus is now going to be a ‘major star’. Wow. I gagged a little when I wrote that phrase.


    StoneWolf reply on March 25th, 2011 5:26 pm:

    It is not your fault. Not that the Cyrus girl has turned 18, Disney must find new jailbait to market. That’s all.


  8. TheShadowCat Says:

    What have we done to anger the Skippy god that he would do such things to us? We must offer zombie sacrifices to placate him!

    *On a side note, to truly appreciate how horrid this girl’s voice is, watch the acoustic version: http://tosh.comedycentral.com/blog/2011/03/18/rebecca-black-unplugged/?xrs=synd_facebook


  9. Anonymous and STILL Employed Says:

    Normally I wouldn’t question this, but taking the last 3 posts into account I just gotta ask….
    Are you feeling ok?

    Captcha – prophecy groxeri: Writing losing eloquence, terrible music….Oh god, Groxeri told me this day would come!


  10. Captain McCheese Says:

    I fear for my generation.


  11. GBlair Says:


    Much easier to listen to.


  12. Axiluvia Says:

    I wish I could go back in time and prevent the birth of whoever invented AutoTune… And that would probably prevent a lot of this absolutely terrible music that is sung by people that can’t hold a tune except for artificially…


  13. Tessa Says:



  14. Catbunny Says:

    Skippy… have you been hacked?
    (I refuse to listen to that song… I’ve read too much about it… and the RickRoll comment made me click play for about 1 second in hopes that it really was….)

    reCaptcha: ntylinsh mix
    Maybe that could explain it…


  15. Adam Says:


    You can only redeem yourself by posting one of the “Zangief Kid” videos.


  16. kat Says:

    Oh skippy, did she get you too?
    lol, Captcha: ratfu Gerstel. I don’t know what rat-fu is, but it sounds cool and I want to learn it.


  17. Squab Says:

    You know that cute video Skippy posted? Something like that happened to him. The “cute” vial or whatever iti was exploded in him, causing this mess.

    Alternate theories: sleep deprivation and the twins have taken over/corrupted his brain.

    Or: skippy has been hacked.


    Psychlycan reply on March 23rd, 2011 1:33 pm:

    Or, maybe, the twins got into his account. You never know…


  18. AFP Says:

    Eh, I finally sat and watched the whole thing. Can’t really say I *hate* it. I don’t like it, it’s not any good, but it’s just too bland to hate. It’s like boldly declaring “I HATE OATMEAL! IT IS THE WORST THING EVER TO HAPPEN TO CUISINE SINCE SALMONELA!” When really, that ignores so many things that are *actively* bad. Like chow hall food.


  19. jmireles Says:

    Ok. First off, I must note that what has been seen and heard cannot be unseen or unheard. That being said, someone needs to remove this girls voicebox. Straight up deny her the chance of ever singing again. Second, I really didn’t need a 16 year old, nasally-sounding, child to tell me that saturday and sunday come after friday. Finally, when I watched this video, I felt a MASSIVE disturbance in the force, which makes me think this little twit is gonna become really famous. Kinda like that old dude on American Idol, with “Pants on the Ground”.


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