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Archive for June 16th, 2009

Discussion Starter: Movie Mistakes

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Discussion starter for you: What are the worst movie gaffs that you can think of?

For example, some people would say that in the movie Independence Day Jeff Goldblum’s character wirelessly communicating with the alien mother ship using a PowerBook 3400 (a model which has no wireless capability) and implanting a virus is the worst movie “hand waving” exercise in recent memory. Some people would say that the gaff is that he was able to write (and compile) a virus that knocked out the alien’s shields. In other words the gaff isn’t that there are aliens or that the aliens who are capable of inter-stellar flight aren’t peaceful (which is one theory of alien life that is alluded to in the movie). The gaff is that the crucial plot device couldn’t have worked.

I will now hand wave the second of those two gaffs away. They were able to write and compile the virus because the scientists at Area 51 had the alien parasite fighter to experiment with for years. The computer were capable (and now I’m hand waving) because they’re computer’s and the logic processes were similar. No, strike that– they wrote the virus on the fighter and just delivered it on the PowerBook 3400.