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Archive for February 3rd, 2009

“You wanna spoon?”

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

As anyone can tell you, clinic tower guard can be long and boring. Especially when you are with a moron. Even worse, viagra when you are with a moron for 24 hours straight.

Let me tell you a little about PVT Johnson. PVT Johnson was not all there. Before we deployed, drugs I had CQ (Charge of Quarters, essentially making sure things were relatively quiet in the barracks), and walked upstairs to find PVT Johnson staring at the television in the day room, laughing his ass off.

I walked over to find out what was so funny, and there he is, staring at a blank TV set. There was nothing on, there was no picture; the damned thing wasn’t even turned on. But there he is, almost in tears over something that was only playing in his head.

Come to find out the damn thing wasn’t even plugged in.