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Ooooops, I screwed up.

September 23rd, 2008 by Michiel

OK, I knew there was supposed to be a post for Monday, but I forgot that it needs to be posted on SUNDAY night.

This running a blog is harder and more complicated than I thought. There’s like details and stuff to attend to. I’m not sure I was prepared for that.

In my defense, I am the actor manager at a new haunted house, here in Austin and we had our dress rehearsal/trial run on Saturday.

Sunday, I had to spend time with the woman, and we went out and got a microwave oven for our new place, as well as unpacked a few things and tried to straighten up the place a bit.

Seriously, I love you guys, but if I took any time at all, not being with the girlfriend and focusing on “us” for the day, the rest of my week would be a pain in the ass. She’s great, but she is still a woman, and they demand time if you want to keep the peace in your house. So, young dudes, there is a piece of advice… if your woman is getting cranky with you, spend some time doing couple stuff and then give her a good poke at the end of the night and your life will be much smoother.

But, I digress. I also started back at Apple again. So I am a happy man, as it is the best place I have ever worked, but I had to make sure I was ready for my first day, so I kinda forgot to make a post.

In short, I have had a lot of other crap on my mind.

Fortunately, there were a few late submissions of weird stuff found on the web, to save my bacon during this massive screw up on my part. My apologies to all of our readers and to Skippy, (may he be merciful to me upon his return).

So, here are the fresh links.

Sweet Sister Morphine has definitely gone above and beyond with the following submissions about giant man eating badgers, the official response about the giant man eating badgers, a story about a dwarf, his penis and a vacuum cleaner, and a high-speed chase with someone who definitely should not be driving.

And finally, David sent this link of photos of a house that is so nasty, you will never feel like you are a slob again. Seriously, crack houses are better maintained than this.

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10 Responses to “Ooooops, I screwed up.”

  1. ineedhelpbad Says:

    A man with no arms and one leg leading police on a 120 mph chase. Sounds like the start of a bad joke.


    ineedhelpbad reply on September 23rd, 2008 8:44 am:

    Oh and I think you missed a hyphen on the link i thought the story was about a giant man that was eating badgers instead of a giant man-eating badgers.


    Snyarhedir reply on April 2nd, 2011 1:39 am:

    The start of a bad joke. Amen to that.


  2. fracturedcell Says:

    giant man eating badgers? now thats something id pay to see.

    also: w00t: 2nd!
    (or does that count as third?


  3. GunRunner Says:

    They taste like chicken…only beefier.

    Captcha = CHASES Maj – Yep! and she even lets me catch her now and again.


  4. Ihmhi Says:

    I like how the midget dwarf was only embarassed after his little guy (pardon the pun) got *stuck* in the vacuum cleaner.

    RECAPTCHA: tion. Brookline.


  5. Minty Says:

    Oohh…that apartment…

    And I thought I was bad for not vacuuming under the couch for two years.

    Captcha: “ALARMS tag.” No shit. That link should have a biohazard warning attached to it.


  6. Squid Vicious Says:

    “A good poke at the end of the night?”

    Truly Michiel, you are the last of the great romantics.

    Captcha: in Luisa. Heheheheh, rather apt.


  7. Andrew Says:

    OMG… A man with only one leg and a horendous driving record?!? That had me laughing like you wouldn’t believe!

    Captcha: try Jinja – Would you like a jinja snap?


  8. Brianna Says:

    I want to know how the hell the no armed one legged man managed to kick a cop. I woulda paid money to see that.


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