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On Shelves Now

September 2nd, 2007 by skippy

Please note: If you are not a big gaming nerd, ampoule then this post may not mean a whole hell of a lot to you.

The other night I was picking up some stuff at Best Buy, viagra when I saw one of the coolest things ever.


I saw this game, sitting on the shelf. I’m a not huge military game fanboy, it’s not getting stellar reviews, and I don’t even own a PSP. So why am I so excited about this game?

I helped make it.

For the past year I’ve been going in to work every morning helping to build a small Central American country so that Captain Scott Mitchell can run amok shooting guerrillas.

Since I got out of the service I have bounced across the country a few times, gone to three different colleges, and basically busted my butt to get to this point. Now, I have a video game out.

I had previously done some low level scutt work on Brothers in Arms. Thanks to me, when someone in France plays it, the French translation has a correct lip sync. Bah, if the French wanted to play WWII video games, they should have fought in it.

Well this time I helped a bit on the initial design and did a lot of the level design and construction. By the end I was responsible for about a third of the levels.

So I’m pretty psyched. It’s kind of like how I felt when I graduated from Airborne school, except a hell of a lot less tired.

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10 Responses to “On Shelves Now”

  1. Paula Says:

    Congrats! Best I’VE ever done is a nicely matched collection of rejection letters from book publishers. Hope your game sells big-time!


  2. TeratoMarty Says:

    Did you make sure to include cockroaches the size of small dogs? How ’bout a Montezuma’s Revenge mini-level easter egg? I understand that the PSP is meant to be the ultimate in gaming realism.


  3. Fiarr Says:

    Yep, game production is pretty fun :)

    Iv been working with a small company on an Arcade system… and nothing is quite as awesome as seeing people buying your software. At least I would imagin it is…. noone buys our products yet.

    At any rate, good work!


  4. Analee Says:

    GO SKIPPY!!!!

    And now, I only need to get a game console…

    But anyways, CONGRATULATIONS!!! *throws cookies and does a happy dance*


  5. parajay Says:

    Well, I can relate to knowing how it feels to graduate Airborne School, so I can imagine how psyched you are about this game. I wanted to get into video game design, once upon a time, but realized that I have literally no patience for coding. I’d much rather be a video game tester, seeing as how literally all I do with my free time is play video games.


  6. tadashi Says:

    Congrats bro. I remember checking out your list years ago, before it was taken off, and was recently re-linked. Good stuff, with your imagination I’m sure you’ll be at the top of the development pyramid in no time :)


  7. Boris Jimski Says:

    Ehh, leave the French alone; without them our gardens would be overrun by rogue snails with hairy feet.


  8. Suomynona Says:

    I truly envy you.


  9. Snyarhedir Says:

    I KNEW there had to be a way to edit lip movements to synch with the speech of a translated language in animation! That makes lesser translators (especially in the Japanese-to-English and English-to-Spanish worlds) seem like idiots. I think it is cool that you helped work on these games.


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