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Archive for August 1st, 2011

Fun With Current Events

Monday, August 1st, 2011
  1. Norwegian retailers pull violent video games, such as World of Warcraft from their shelves, because evidently Anders Brevik was in league with the Horde or something.
  2. In today’s news, WA leads the nation in in children who do not receive vaccinations.  Stay tuned for next years story: WA leads the nation in preventable child deaths.
  3. An interesting article on 10 steps to avoid being eaten by a lion.  Number 11, “don’t hang out in places full of large carnivores” was absent.
  4. A blood red lake was spotted in Texas.  Some claim “This is clearly a sign of the biblical apocalypse, and nothing like the last six or seven time we said that…hey…stop laughing, we’re serious!”
  5. Swedish police conduct a raid to apprehend illegal hedgehog.  Scrappy fox sidekick believed to still be at large.
  6. Missouri bans teachers from friending students on facebook, as an attempt to prevent future student teacher sex scandals.  Well I suppose that without  the sensual siren song that is Farmville acting as an aphrodisiac, restraint might be more likely.
  7. A woman is Massachusetts is attempting to breed a strain of mushrooms that eat human flesh.  Because she clearly doesn’t watch the same kinds of movies that I do.
  8. Diablo three with have an auction house that allows you to sell goods for real world money.  That’s either the best idea ever, or the worst, and I’m not sure which.