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Archive for April 20th, 2011

Another Day at Online School

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Skippy – Answers question posed by teacher, about the power of shading vs line drawing, from the assumption that the phrase “Bring an illustration to life” means “Make it much better”.

Other Student – Corrects Skippy, as his answer is about making the illustration better and the question clearly uses the phrase “Bring the illustration to life”. Student claims that they are being literal in the questions interpretation.

Skippy – Points out that he has never seen a drawing literally brought to life and has always assumed that his experience is near universal in this regard. Admits that his experience may be limited, and wants to know where Other Student has been purchasing these necromantic markers and/or colored pencils.

Other Student – Asserts that they were just trying to play devil’s advocate on the shading vs. line drawing controversy and that Skippy is an asshole.

Skippy – Questions Other Students ability to correctly determine which participant in this discussion is the asshole, seeing as the definition of “literal” has thus far eluded him. Asks: is Other Student is related to Simon, Harold, or Pygmalion.

Instructor – Confirms that Other Student is correct, and that Skippy is in fact the asshole.