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Because I am a capitalist whore I love all of my readers so much that I want to offer you the finest of print-on demand t-shirts, and other items, for your holiday needs.

Not everything is up there at present, but more list items will go up as people request things. So if there is something that you would like to see on a t-shirt (or one of the many items they have available for branding) feel free to send it in.

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Squid pie shirt and mug are from the Cephalopod Surprise story.
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These links will send you offsite. Most of it is sold via Zazzle. Some things, had to go to Printfection because Zazzle has issues with parody of their other customer’s products.

Also: more than just t-shirts! Mugs, mouse pads, ties, you name it!

213 things

Get one of the items from The List on a shirt, mug, or more!

squid pie shirt

Get your squid pie shirt! All sizes!

soft wookie

Get Soft Wookie as a shirt, mug, mousepad, or more

Kawaii face hugger

Get Kawaii face hugger as a shirt, mug, mousepad, or more

c'thulu squarepants

Get C’thulu Squarepants as a shirt, mug, mousepad, or more

celestial apture notice

Get your Celestial Rapture Notice as a card to hand out or on a t-shirt.