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Skippy’s Favorite Web Sites (Now, organized, and updated for the first time in years)

Great Charity – Go donate today

Fun For Our Troops

Blogs I read

Dilbert Blog

Board Game News

Robot Viking

Video Game News


Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Web Comics I Read

Schlock Mercenary



Order of the Stick


Basic Instructions

Want to make Video Game?
Be sure to tell them that you learned of them through my site.
The Guildhall@SMU

People who make tabletop games that I like

Apophis Consortium

Eden Studios, Inc.

Flying Frog Productions

Artists I have worked with

The Art of Kirk Charlton

Game Making Resources

Darrell Hardy

People who liked my list enough to copy it

SkippyCentral and also Discussion of feedback from The Original Skippy

SCA List

Battlestar Galactica

In the Imperial Guard