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Most Disturbing Use of a Muppet Song Ever

March 30th, 2011 by skippy

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12 Responses to “Most Disturbing Use of a Muppet Song Ever”

  1. Kieran Says:

    Who says it is wrong to enjoy your work? Or to give the condemned that last small vestige of hope before you rip it away.


  2. Shadowydreamer Says:

    I am a horrible, horrible, person. I laughed at the end.

    *Hangs head*


    jmireles reply on April 10th, 2011 5:46 pm:

    Right there with you. I kept waiting for the gun to go off, and laughed when it did. Of course, I was dancing in my chair when they were doing the little song. LOL


  3. Tim Covington Says:

    I will not mention what my wife dreams of doing while singing a Carpenter’s song.


  4. sandy Says:

    Sick and twisted! I laughed like a loon.


  5. Psychlycan Says:

    I shall use this video to drive away random moments of depression, by simultaneously making me laugh, and remembering it could always be worse.


  6. Brianna Says:

    Brain bleach! Earworm!


  7. Icehawk Says:

    From the initial description I thought it was going to be similar to one of those “inappropriate uses for yakety sax” type videos. I was mistaken, and I laughed far more than I probably should have. I know I have already said this countless times throughout my life, but:

    “I am soooooo going straight to hell…”


  8. Sgt. Spooky Says:

    oh my various gods, how i laughed…..


  9. AFP Says:

    Holy crap, it’s midnight and I’m laughing like a retarded hyena here.


    Psychlycan reply on April 2nd, 2011 6:26 pm:

    Now I need to find a video of a retarded hyena…


    Squab reply on April 6th, 2011 7:41 pm:




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