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Watership Down/Blackhawk Down

February 9th, 2011 by skippy

There is some sort of Watership Down/Blackhawk Down joke in here somewhere that I can’t quite get to work.

Everyone who was planning on getting through your day without seeing graphic depictions of Private Military bunnies going to town with automatic weapons, please step forward.

Not so fast readers.

Caution: Graphic Violence, language, and it’s pretty long.

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6 Responses to “Watership Down/Blackhawk Down”

  1. RobZ Says:

    I highly recommend the comic (or manga if we want to be technical) it’s based off on, Apocalypse Meow.


  2. Psychlycan Says:

    Somehow, the beginning, especially the text for the trailer, reminded me of the beginning of metal gear solid 4


  3. Derko5 Says:

    Daww, Look at the widdle professional soldier fighting for fun and profit, with the widdle tails. I just wanna take em home nd pin a madal on em.


  4. Twan Says:

    Where was Rats? It makes sense that Chico wouldn’t be in this theater, but c’mon! Rats should be there!


  5. Happiest Loser(SCAlexD formerly) Says:

    TRUELY Awesome. I am not heavy into anime or manga, but this was BAD FUCKING ASS and one of the COOLEST things I have seen in a while, considering I just saw RED on DVD yesterday, which says alot.


  6. Happiest Loser(SCAlexD formerly) Says:

    TRUELY Awesome. They are so cute when they run and their tails swish. So cute, so deadly.


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