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Archive for February 7th, 2011

Traffic Court

Monday, February 7th, 2011

On Sunday, 06 November 2005, at 0814L, BU2 William C. Waldron, of the Naval Air Base Brunswick Police Force, alleged that I sped through the stop sign posted at Jay Beasley Circle and Pegasus Ave, and issued me a ticket.

At first BU2 Waldron accused me of rolling past a stop sign. When I calmly stated that this wasn’t so he stated that I was being argumentative, and whined “I’m just doing my job.” He collected my license, registration, proof of insurance, and base pass. Then he returned to his patrol SUV where he escalated his charge from “rolled past a stop sign” to “sped past a stop sign”. I wonder if he reasoned that this would show me not to argue with the police? I simply noted every statement he made.

I refused to sign his ticket.

What pasty, weak little BU2 Waldron didn’t know is that when I allegedly sped past the stop sign I was still in view of the security camera at work that monitors and record access into and out of our compound. I thus had video evidence that he was telling lies. (more…)