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Archive for September 23rd, 2010

Skippy Exposes Himself To The Internet

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

My wife is passionate about web-promotion the way that I am about zombies and video games. This leads to her constantly exploring and researching newer and better trends to take advantage of.

Of these trends is this whole “transparency” thing that some companies have going on. My understanding is that by revealing information about myself as a person, that means that potential customers will feel like they know me as a person, if not a friend, and are thus more likely to give me their business and/or keep reading my site.

For a while now my wife has been hinting, with rapidly decreasing amounts of subtly, that I need to start using these techniques. Partly to keep people interested in my site, and partially to get them more interested in our business. And partially because I think she just enjoys telling me what to do.

She actually wrote a whole big article about it on the business’ blog, which can be seen here.

“People like knowing things about the people they see online…” She would say (a lot) “You should totally be more open about personal information about yourself, so that people think of you as their online friend, instead of just this random Internet joke machine.”

“Actually most people think of me as a one joke pony, that is way past my expiration date. I mean, The List was funny, but it’s not like people really care much about anything else I’ve done since then.”

“We never do what I want! Your reluctance shows that you don’t respect me as a wife and business partner! I am totally not going to let you buy Dead Rising 2 if you don’t do this!”

I am less convinced of this idea, but hey, it will get my wife off of my back, so here we go. (more…)