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Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

So a little under year ago my wife and I began doing what I refer to as job math. We did the math and figured out that a web designer with the amount of experience that Janice has (lots) can earn a lot more than a low-mid range level designer. And so I became the primary care giver for the kids while my wife became the bread winner. We did more math and realized that we could make the same amount, or possibly more, by working freelance at part-time hours. Plus no boss, and we get to stay home with the kids.

Heck, we had ’em, we might as well raise ’em.

And so we set out to turn her part-time business, into our primary source of income. And we set a small financial goal for ourselves. While we understand that it is unlikely that we will build our way up to our full earning potential in our first year, we did set a milestone.

“If we can earn at least “X” in one year, then we are doing good enough to keep it going. Otherwise we should stop and try for conventional employment again.

Well we have reached that number. And now we have have joined the ranks of the self-employed.

My wife handles web design and coding, while I do graphics. Between us, and a few subcontractors we employ, we’re capable of handling just about any website needs.

So if you, or someone you know is in thinking about giving somebody money to design a web site, please remember that I want that money, in a very deep and spiritual way.