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August 19th, 2010 by skippy

After this post a few days ago, I several people suggested that a T-shirt would be a really good idea.  And so my wife spent part of the afternoon adding it to our Zazzle store.  And then it just never showed up.

So it turns out that Zazzle will not let me sell C’thulu Squarepants products.

Here is the reason.

“Reason Not Approved: Brand Partner — Site Review – Design contains content that violates the intellectual property rights of Zazzle’s brand partners. If you are interested in purchasing customizable products of Zazzle’s brand partners please visit: www.zazzle.com/entertainment”

Now I’m pretty sure that parody is still protected free speech. And I did actually create C’thulu Squarepants, so technically I own the copyright on this image.*

However it would appear that Zazzle evidently does a bunch of business with Nickelodeon selling official Spongebob merchandise. And I suspect that they don’t want to allow any other clients to spoil this relationship. I can respect that. It’s a perfectly understandable conflict of interest.

It does however leave me with the problem of not actually getting to sell my design. It’s like Zazzle doesn’t want my kids to go to college.

And so, my wife and I had to spend some time looking up other print on demand places, in order to get t-shirts made.

If you want to see the new shirts, just click on the informative graphic below.

*I am not a lawyer, although I totally made out with one a party once. Do not take copyright advice from humor blogs. Even though I am totally right about this.

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3 Responses to “T-Shirts”

  1. Susan Says:

    I think what scares me is the thought that there may actually be a market for these. Ok, deep breath…1st Amendment, 1ar Amendment…just because I don’t like or approve of something, that’s not a good reason to deny it to other people…deep breath, deep breath…


  2. Susan Says:

    Sorry for typoes in previous post. D— new ergonomic keyboard.


  3. LouisCQ Says:

    I don’t care…I want a t-shirt!!


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