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Adventures in Parenting

June 2nd, 2010 by skippy

Today my daughter was playing with a squeaky pig toy. Specifically she was gnawing on the corkscrew tail. Just going to town on the things, happily chewing away.

Wife: Why do you think she is so fascinated with that thing’s tail?

Me: She likes pig butts and she cannot lie?

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7 Responses to “Adventures in Parenting”

  1. Silver2501 Says:

    That’s just plain bad………………….

    But top marks for a snappy reply XO


  2. TheShadowCat Says:

    If you survive parenthood, it will be a surprise. If your kids survive your parenting, that will be an even bigger surprise.

    CAPTCHA – unblock south – I’m sure that someone else can come up with a witty remark about Texas and their new ‘history’ books and the need for some politicians to decide is or isn’t acceptable learning material.


  3. kat Says:

    Or it could be that she just likes chewing on things. My two year old still puts everything in her mouth, including shoes (while someone’s wearing them), and the dogs beef bone. Just wait until she can go after stuff for herself, you’re in for a whole new world of excitement, adventure and “NO! Don’t put THAT in your mouth!”


  4. Catherine Says:

    To be fair, pig butts are where ham comes from, and ham IS tasty.


  5. Adam Says:

    One word…



  6. ReenieSR Says:

    But is it Kosher?


  7. Kellie Says:

    When you say it, people laugh. When *I* say things like that, my mom just looks sad.
    wv: 49-year-old tarps: cause any younger would just be ridiculous.


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