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Further Adventures With Pregnancy

October 5th, 2009 by skippy

At the present my wife is large enough that walking around a store is very uncomfortable for her. And so when we go shopping, we usually get a wheelchair for her. It saves her the hassle of walking, and I can roll her around a lot faster than she can waddle on her own anyways.

A little while ago we were in IKEA picking out some furniture for the new nursery. Since we had to get to the second floor we wound up taking the elevator.

Once the doors opened, I pushed my wife’s chair inside, straight into the back corner.

Wife: I’m in the corner.

Me: I know.

Wife: Why am I in the corner?

Me: Because Patrick Swayze’s dead baby. ANd there is no one to stop me from putting you there.

About this time I noticed that the elderly couple that got on the elevator with me was giving me a horrified look.

Me: What? Too soon for a Swayze joke?

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3 Responses to “Further Adventures With Pregnancy”

  1. gEiStToG Says:

    lol…some would say it was indeed too soon for a swayze joke..but alot would not;) *first post huzzah* and btw, does your wife read these? if so…I feel sorry for you pain she must inflict on you for it heh


  2. Shadowydreamer Says:

    Those of us with gallows humour say it’s never too soon for the joke. Of course, I’m still earning forgiveness for saying “Patrick had to go up and explain to Michael, ‘No, I didn’t say put the baby in the corner..'”

    I think your wife’s just lucky you didn’t say, loudly, “Because you’re ashamed to be with me! OMG, you’re so mean to me!” and make a scene. ;)


  3. Tremorwolf Says:

    TOO soon?? OH helz no!.. heck, i was the first in my building to tell people (Hey! did you hear that they are making Ghost 2!,, yeah!.. Patrick Swayze is REALY taking this roll seriously too!) >3

    My co workers too thought it was to soon.. *shrugs*


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