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Archive for August 5th, 2009

How To Punch A Vampire

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Greetings to the readers at Skippy’s List! I’m a young sailor at age 26, going by RivCA here (and elsewhere on the Intarweb) and I’ve got a story for you.

I am currently stationed in Naval Weapons Station Charleston, and I am discovering very quickly that this is one of the most stressful commands to be a student at. The “A” school here has an education program on par with Harvard Law and MIT. We get all the core classes needed to do our jobs over the span of a year and a half, when it takes them four to do the same. Fast-paced doesn’t quite describe it.

It turns out that the school is so stressful and the schedule so dense, that there are occasions to set up suicide watches. (It’s to make sure shipmates don’t commit suicide. Yeah, it’s that rough.) As you might have guessed, some people go a little kooky if they can’t handle things here. Just before my arrival, one kid went to Captain’s Mast for deciding to do a Matrix jump from the third floor, wearing a trench coat. Broke his leg in the fall, owes half his paycheck for the next two months, and discharge once he’s done.