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Archive for March 8th, 2009

Compiled Military List

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

(Submitted by Dave Snow)

  • You may not tattoo your rank onto your “private part” and tell your commander to go ahead and pull rank on you.

(Submitted by Jennie)

  • Do not send newbs after 40 ft of flightline (they will wander for hours through the squadron looking for it, only to be told by the CMC that there is no such thing and then will be asked who sent them after it …)
  • The large hole in the tail of an S3 Viking is not your personal “pleasure hole,” even if it’s 3am and you’re bored with rover watch (wasn’t me, but a guy in our shop)
  • The gigline is part of your uniform, not some bit of string that you need to go find and I should not sent newbs after such fictional items…
  • Dehydrating oneself to the point of vomiting and then showing up @ sick bay the next morning is not wise … especially if you’re underage and there’s a bottle of whiskey in your fridge when Chief shows up to do an inspection …
  • Broken middle finger does NOT give you a license to flip off the officers … even if they can’t tell the difference.
  • If I tackle you because you walked in front of a turning engine, you cannot have me NJP’d for assaulting an officer …
  • Telling your POFC that you were late because you were getting some really great ass is not an excuse for being late …
  • Wandering onto the flight line complete delirious and hopped up on monster is not wise … especially when it’s your bird getting ready to go … and you’ve got 10 minutes to complete the full pre-flight inspection