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Fun Things To Do On Towers

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Skippy, erectile I know you are aware of what/how we did back then and so do most of your readers.  But for the uninformed, ampoule let me provide a little background on the significance of this list.

As an enlisted MP, anabolics I was stationed in West Germany in the early 1980’s.  Like many other MP units, we were tasked with guarding munitions storage sites that contained “items vital to national security”, or very, very big bombs.  The ones that form mushroom clouds when they go off.

These storage sites were surrounded by a double fence and razor wire.  We were authorized to shoot anyone who breached the outer fence.  Typically each corner of the site had a tall tower in which an MP stood guard for hours at a time.  The main tower contained the one guard and a supervisor or, Commander of the Relief (COR).  Each tower had a telephone and a tactical radio for communication.